Crisis-Proof Income

How To Still Afford To Pay Your Bills During The Corona Virus Pandemic... And Even After It Ends.

What I am about to reveal to you, if you listen attentively, will change your financial status and fatten your purse even in this lockdown season.

I will even go out on a limb and I dare say, if you follow it to the letter, and do everything I recommend that you do, I dare say...

You Won't Have to Worry
About Money Ever Again!

How do I know this? Who am I? What's my background?

Before I go into all fo that, let's start with the obvious.

You already know that... the global economy has shut down.

Almost every business sector is on a down trend.

Millions of jobs have already been lost. And millions more will be lost
in the coming days, weeks, and months.

As if that's is not enough, the naira is fast depreciating against the dollar.

It has gone from =N=365 to =N=415. And increase of =N=50.

This means that things will become more expensive.

You will earn the same or even lesser (if you're lucky enough not to lose your job) but you will be spending more. Making it harder for you to save anything, how much more invest.

But these are obvious facts. It's bad news, but here you are, ALIVE, BREATHING.

You have to live, you have to thrive. Same with your family.

So the question you must ask yourself and get a quick answer to is this:


Rely on savings? If you still have any left, right? In only 1-2 weeks of a lockdown, some people's savings is disappearing faster than

Find another job? Where will you start?

Companies are sacking workers, and those not sacking are paying half salaries and will still very likely sack if this situation continues.

Start a business? Yeah, this is a possibility, but... what kind of business do you start, especially in this Corona virus times?

A lot of businesses are shut down and only a precious little few are opening, and even far lesser are striving.

Which one, you ask?

This Is Where I Come In...

My name is Chris ikem and I am business man and also a real estate person.

Just like me, before I make any money, I have to close a sale of a land or a house to have money in my purse.

What it means is that because people don't buy real estate everyday... I don't get to make a sale everyday.

This was very frustrating, because it left me always broke and in need of money...

With a wife, kids, parents to look after on both sides, my debts were always high, as I always had to always borrow money to maintain and sustain my family.

My family was always one sickness or calamity away from disaster,

And while I prayed to God to "forbid bad thing"... I also knew I couldn't continue like this. I knew I needed to make a change.

I Needed A Solution Quick
And I Needed It NOW!

I needed something, another source of income that is more consistent and regular to enable take care of family needs and ultimately live the kind of lifestyle I wanted to.

So I started searching the internet for solutions.

And believe me I searched high and low.

I attended many tutorial classes and even paid for several courses.

Most were crap. Afew were legit but wouldn't they didn;t fit my selection criteria which were: high profit and consistency.

Then One Day...

One day, on the 12th April, 2019, I came across this program called, The 72 Hour Income Generator programme. it was created by a Dude called Toyin Omotoso, (you can Google his name).

I had not heard of him before, but I thought, "what do I I have to lose?. I will try it and see."

And I will tell you straight up...That course changed my life!

Fast Forward to March  2020...

I have been making money on a regular basis.

Yes, even as Corona is crashing and burning everywhere.

I want you to imagine waking up in the morning, and seeing alerts on your phone from sales you made yesterday...

Simply by selling other people's products and services while earning huge commissions as a result.

Same thing I did in real estate, only this time, the sales are daily.

Within 60 days of getting started on the 72 Hour Income generator program, all my money problems were gone and my debts were depleted.

My pride as a man came back...

Let me tell you, it's a terrible thing when you find yourself always have to borrow money to sustain yourself.

Imagine having to beg your in-laws for money. Or your friends. You're telling them you're not capable and man enough.

It's shameful, it's degrading. That was my story before...

Now My Story Has Changed

Right now as I type this message to you, even if this lockdown continues till the end of the year, I won't feel it a bit.

Reason is because I have found a proven system and methods that generate all the money I need to solve personal issues...

What about you?

How would you cope if this lockdown down continues?

What if you get sacked and things gets worse?

How would you and your family manage to keep up?

You see my friend, there is so much uncertainty in this life and that's why you need take action and manage the situations..

That is why today, I decided to share with you, the same video I watched that showed me the way and opened the door to abundance for me.

I  am asking you to suspend disbelief, if you still have it and check out the "72 Hour Income generator" program.

I am not asking you to believe me that it's real.

I don't need you to believe me. Whether you do or not, I'm good.

I am asking you to believe for yourself, for your wife, for your children, for your

I have told you what worked for me. And I have explained and told you it will work for you too.

I was shown the way. I am passing the light on.

It is the least I can do for you. What you do from here going forward is up to you.


If you would like to see the video that explain what the "72 Hour Income Generator " is all about. Complete the form below and you will be taken straight to the video to start watching...

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