Were you making money during the lockdown? If your answer is No! , then my friend, this is for you.

Dear friends,

This information that am about to share with you is very IMPORTANT for three reasons:

  • Firstly, the advent of covid-19 virus, and the effect it had on the world economy, has taken a lot of businesses by surprise. The intending job loss that would be as a result of businesses trying to reorganize their work force in other to prepare for any of future uncertainties means that, a lot of businesses would as a result of this, downsized their workforce (just last month, Access Bank announced the relieving of over 70% of their work force nationwide and many others will follow) and automate many of their processes Which means more people will have to deal with JOB LOSS.
  • Secondly, because  of the reason as stated above and again, the way covid-19 is being transmitted, social distancing is here to stay going forward, as government would want to ensure people only go out when necessary to reduce the possibilities of exponential spread of the virus.
  • Thirdly, and finally, a lot of people are not prepared for this, and these brings us to our next question:


    Well, if your answer to that question is “oh!, I don’t actually have any clue!.” Then, there isn’t much to worry about since your reading this letter.

    Sincerely, i  have to say that i sympatise for those other people who their answers to that same question would be like the above, and who of course, are not reading this letter right now.

     I encourage you to share this letter with them if you happen to know anyone who this might be very valuable to.

    They will always remain grateful you did!

    To be honest, before covid-19, smart people like you, have always had worries about improving their  lives (finances) and live the life of their dream.

    They worry about:
    • Low  earnings
    • How to create multiple streams of income
    • Learn new skills(to increase their income)
    • Losing their jobs or getting a better job

    Listen up, these are very legitimate concerns that smart people pounder about always!

     And because you’re reading this now, am sure you do pounder about these concerns too.

     How do I know this? Well, you’re reading my letter now and I believe it is your curiosity that made you find this letter.  So, am already convinced that you’re a smart ass fellow.

    However, study has shown that, not everybody that wants something would do what is actually required to get their wants. Some would just wish they had what they can actually get if they know how to.


    This letter is design to take you by the hand and show you how to make more money.

     You’re here because you actually know how MAKING MORE MONEY WILL HELP YOU

    Maybe be it is to buy that dream car, or to pay for that nice apartment for yourself or for your aged parents.

     Maybe it is to go to that vacation at santorini  you have always promise yourself you would when you start making BIG money. Oh my! Did we forget that business investment you spoke passionately about with your bank managers?

    My guess is you didn’t.  And really, I would like to see that project comes to live.

    Why would I bother myself to see your project succeed? Well, you see, the answer is easy to see:

    I love seeing entrepreneurship mindset in young people. Young folks thinking about ways to solve a problem in their immediate environment and possibly make profit ,create employment and pay tax.

    Young people who already have a deep understanding of the fact that, to make money, you’ve got to add value.

    Value is very important is this our money making business. It is your only exchange.

    These are the trailblazers of the society. The bill gates and Steve jobs and so on and so on.. who wouldn’t want to associate with such gifted people ? you see why am passionate about your success? I guess you do, so we move forward!

    But before we continue, let me quickly say this:

    “You can become a millionaire”, and in fact, anybody can become a millionaire, but when nine out of ten people hear this statement, their mind clamps shut like a steel strap.  

    They refuse to believe it. So they will never take the step it takes to achieve N1, 000,000 goal in living reality.

    But we’re looking for that one person in every ten people open minded enough to say “Show me how.”

    If you’re that one person, what I am about to show you could change your live forever! Not by magic but by knowledge.

     And because it is perfectly understandable for you to have doubt at this stage, I’ll be sending the first two parts of this system to you for FREE and without a risk or obligation to continue- to prove to you the worth of the program(scroll down to get the video).

    Why N1, 000,000? For most of us, N1, 000,000 represent for us, a substantial wealth. It is a symbol of comfort and financial security.

     For some N500, 000 would be enough; others might look N1, 000,000 as a step toward their money goal.

    But whatever your financial goals are, and you’re very passionate about adding value and creating sustainable wealth, for yourself, your loved ones and to do that quickly, well, there’s a is a formula to achieve that and that formula is what I told you i will show you and that can change your life forever!

    The program designed to put you on systematic money making part to sustainable wealth is called 72 hour income generator millionaire apprenticeship program and it is based on a simple premise: you can learn how to make money and get rich!

     Now, you don’t have to invest an arm or leg, or risk everything you ever worked for to learn how to acquire wealth.

    Now you don’t have to do the trial and error approach to investing- making expensive mistake and learning from them, and eventually, discovering how to survive and prosper in the financial jungle.

    Now, for the first time, you have the opportunity to participate in a unique apprentice program for aspiring millionaires.

    Through the successful implementation of the 72 hour income generator millionaire apprenticeship program, you can learn the actual techniques of self made millionaire and leading financial experts…

    Men like Mr. Ronald Nzimora, millionaire real estate investor and author of one of the best-selling investment books of all time “I will teach you business and triangles of profits” and mr toyi omotosho founder of expertnaire an online digital market place for digital product.

    You can learn how to get rich, from people who’ve actually done it. Not overnight, but through steady, systematic multiplication of your wealth through the techniques taught to you in 72 hour income  generator millionaire apprenticeship.

    Why use a tested formula?

During our high school mathematics class days, we learnt the usefulness of formulas to solve different kind of problems in quadratic equations, and one of such formulas that readily comes to mind is; Quadratic Formula, popularly known as “Almighty Formula” .

This formula have proved over the years, as one of the best tools to use in finding the roots of a quadratic equation, and have been used by, tested and trusted by mathematicians and scholars the world over.

So, if I want to find the roots of a quadratic equation, all I have to do is to apply the almighty formula to get the solutions to the equation and I will be fine.

So, with these in mind, here is something worth thinking about:

If they can teach us how to find the roots of a quadratic equation or how to find whatever equation in schools, why didn’t they teach us the formula to make one a millionaire?

Do we have a formula that will make one a millionaire?

To answer that question, we need to ask another very important question to guild us properly in our quest to get the best answers which is:

Can we describe this formula, if it exists, in the context of how it can help us to make more money and become a millionaire?

Yes we can!

And we can describe it as follows: a formula by definition is a plan or method of doing, making or achieving something, hence, our formula should have a plan to show how we can, if applied efficiently, will produces income and more income with time (and of course, turn one to a millionaire).

And Yes! We have a formula and 72 hour income generator millionaire apprenticeship program is one of such formulas.

What is the 72 hour income generator millionaire apprenticeship program is all about?

The 72 hour income generator millionaire apprenticeship program is a business model that is based on SIMPLE AFFLIATE MARKETING. It is a training program that turns you into a master in creating profitable affiliate campaign fast!

In affiliate marketing, what you do is to simply recommend a product to solve a particular problem to people who need them and when they buy, you have brought the buyer and seller together, and earn a commission for each transaction.  

Please listen up! Did you notice the word RECOMMEND? I guess you did and i want you to pay attention to the word (RECOMMEND).  

It is important because, that is exactly what you’re going to be doing here as an affiliate. So, to create a 72 hour income generator what you’ll be doing is to be recommending digital products to help people solve their problems or achieve their desires.

This are the two main reasons people buy stuff, “solve problem” or “achieve their desires”.  And most of the product will be digital products inform of information product or software.

Here is the thing:

When you recommend a product to people that need them and who have the money to buy them, what will happen is, if they think the product you are recommending can solve a problem for them, or help them achieve their desire, they will buy the product and you will earn a commission.

With the following in mind, it brings us to 3 important questions

  • Where do you get such product to promote
  • How do you choose promising product to promote?
  • How do you promote these products

These three problems are what you’re going to be learning in this 72 income generator millionaire apprenticeship program.

These problems are discussed extensively and of course in simple step by step methods that take you by the hand to achieve the setting up of this formula that will hence forth, generate the most income for you in lesser time of putting work to it.

And the beauty about this system is, you only need to set it up once and you can automate the rest.

You can call the 72 hours income generator millionaire apprenticeship program the” automatic money making machine”.

Let’s dive deep into the contents of this program and what you will learn.

Here is module one and two summary:

  • Definitions of affiliate marketing and its business models. Here you will learn the fundamentals of affiliate marketing and the different affiliate website you can choose from.
  • How  to register as an affiliate in one the affiliate site (here, we are going to be using Expertnaire for the purpose of the class)
  • How to choose an affiliate product to promote: choosing a profitable niche product can be very troubling , hey! Not to worry, we got you covered!
  • Things to look out for when choosing a product to promote like the presales page, landing page and commission paid to affiliate.
  • How to do a proper product research: you might want to make sure that you’re selecting the right product for the right audience.
  • How to do a proper customer research: lot of people use to make this common mistake of thinking “everyone is my target customer” when you ask them who they plan on selling to. Don’t fall for this trap!

Module three and four:

  • You will learn facebook advertising and how to get your product to your ideal customers( I think this is one of the high point of this program, nothing beats learning how to get new customers make sales ) and you can use this knowledge about facebook for any other business opportunity you’ve got. Awesome!
  • What to do when you get the new leads (customers) so you’ll not be confused of what to do with your new customer. Awesome!
  • How to create a sales funnels that automatically get the lead from face book and direct it through the sales phase to when they make purchase. Awesome!
  • Pick. Rinse .and Repeat hey! It’s a system. Its automated.

Module five email marketing:

  • You will learn how to use email marketing to reach out effectively to your audience (email marketing have shown by study that it can give up to 45% return of investment)
  • You’ll be provided with different proven headlines, titles template that are tested and trusted.
  • You’ll be shown how to host, create, design and operate your own website.
  • And so on and so on..
How will this program work, and serve as the formula to make one a millionaire?

72 hour income generator millionaire apprenticeship program helps to get the result it promises by doing the following three things:

  • It gives you the needed step by step training that you need to implement the program yourself.
  • It provides you with the tools you need to succeed( headline, titles, templates and series of email to use for your marketing campaign)
  • It gives you proven template (the formula) that you can begin to use immediately.
  • And most importantly, it has an apprenticeship class where like minds(those who have been there, done that!) are always at your service to help you succeed.

Remember earlier, we defined our formula, by definition as a plan or method of doing, making or achieving something, hence, our formula should have a plan to show how we can, if applied efficiently, will produces income and more income with time (and of course, turn one to a millionaire).

I believe you can now see how making money isn’t a rocket science, it is a systematic process that needs your know how.

What do you need to start this 72 hour income generator apprenticeship program?
  • Hunger to make more money (legitimately)
  • A phone and maybe later, laptop
  • Internet connection
  • Willingness to learn(the show me how spirit)
  • To get registered to this apprenticeship program
  • And to do it now!
What you don’t need to start this 72 hour income generator millionaire apprenticeship program:

  • You don’t need to be a computer genius
  • You don’t need to spend all day learning and implementing this system (72 hour is enough)
  • You don’t need to pay for an office (can do it from anywhere)
  • You don’t need to invest am arm or a leg for it(just N30, 000)
  • You don’t need to waste anymore time (because you’ll be leaving a lot of money unattended to)

Get it now and start learning how to make money money!​​​​​